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GuideStone Institutional Resources

GuideStone strives to provide a broad range of institutional investment strategies and personalized support to help you meet your clients’ needs. Our comprehensive marketing materials and fund information can guide your clients through the investment options available with GuideStone.

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Institutional Capabilities

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GuideStone Funds Quick Facts

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GuideStone Funds Quarterly Fund Performance

Fund Fact Sheets

This shows the NASDAQ ticker symbol, Cusip, Inception Date and a link to the PDF fact sheet for each of GuideStone's mutual funds. Also, you can click on the fund name to go directly to each fund’s information page.

Select Funds Ticker CUSIP Inception Date Fact Sheet
Fixed Income
GuideStone Money Market GMYXX 40171W793 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Low-Duration Bond GLDYX 40171W751 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Medium-Duration Bond GMDYX 40171W710 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Extended-Duration Bond GEDYX 40171W660 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Global Bond GGBEX 40171Y203 05/01/2015 Portrait Landscape
US Equity
GuideStone Equity Index GEQYX 40171W629 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Value Equity GVEYX 40171W579 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Growth Equity GGEYX 40171W538 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Small Cap Equity GSCYX 40171W488 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
Non-US Equity
GuideStone International Equity Index GIIYX 440171Y401 6/1/2015 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone International Equity GIEYX 40171W447 8/27/2001 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Emerging Markets Equity GEMYX 40171W132 10/31/2013 Portrait Landscape
Real Assets
GuideStone Inflation Protected Bond GIPYX 40171Y104 05/01/2015 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Real Estate Securities GREYX 40171Y302 05/01/2015 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Defensive Market Strategies GDMYX 40171W199 9/1/2011 Portrait Landscape
Asset Allocation Funds Ticker CUSIP Inception Date Fact Sheet
Asset Allocation Funds
GuideStone Conservative Allocation
GCAYX 40171Y500 11/23/2015 Portrait Landscape
GuideStone Balanced Allocation
GBAYX 40171Y609 11/23/2015 Portrait Landscap
GuideStone Growth Allocation GGRYX 40171Y708 11/23/2015 Portrait Landscap
GuideStone Aggressive Allocation
GAGYX 40171Y807 11/23/2015 Portrait Landscap